Pink Spinel Ring
Square Peridot Ring
Custom White Gold Wedding Bands
Custom Diamond Earrings
Custom Opal Duality Ring
Custom Two-Tone Constellation Ring
Cherry Twig Ring
Snowflake Ring with Montana Sapphire
Custom Anniversary Necklace with Pearls
Agate Crescent Earrings
Dendritic Opal Ring
Wintery Dendritic Agate Necklace
Rutilated Quartz Link Bracelet
Magical Fairy Ring
Lilac Amethyst Pendant
Custom Three Opal Pendant
Custom Bracelet with Tsavorites and Diamonds
Maine Tourmaline Constellation Ring
Custom Freeform Lapis Ring with Diamonds
Key West Conch Pearl Necklace
Custom GEO Link Necklace with Amethyst, Aquamarine and Citrine
12 Bezeled Stone Eternity Ring
Custom Beech Leaf Ring with Rose-cut Aquamarine
"I Love Colors" Ring
Chrysocolla-Malachite Peacock Earrings
Lapis Hinged Link Bracelet
Forged Tendril Tanzanite Necklace
Pisces Necklace with Imperial Topaz and Diamonds
Earth Pendant: Chrysocolla Quartz, Pink Sapphires and Spirals
Custom White Gold Pendant with Diamond and Rubies
Norwegian Church Rings
Mod Engagement Ring
Lapis Crescent Link Necklace
Minnow Necklace with Large Boulder Opal
Arcs Pendant with Bisbee Chrysocolla
Dendritic Quartz Pendant
Refreshed Peridot Earrings
Hop Ring
Boulder Opal Halo Ring with Rubies
Fossilized Peanutwood Pendant
Starlight Drop Earrings with Rose Cut Diamonds
Cobblestone Diamond Earrings
Rose Gold and Morganite Earrings
Duality Three-Stone Ring
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