Lapis Cuff Bracelet
Haymarket Bangles
GEO Link Bracelet- Black and Gold
Forged Tendril Bracelet, Palladium White Gold and Sapphire
Oxidized Silver Beach Dune Cuff with Diamonds
Duality Cuff with Pinks and Purples
Forged Tendril Bracelet with Diamond
Multicolored Rose-Cut Tourmaline Bracelet
Forged Tendril Bangle with Blue Sapphire
 One of three local river cuff designs, this one featuring a section of the Sudbury River as interpreted from the topographical map of the wetlands around Nine Acre Corner in Concord, MA.  Location inscribed inside.  A beautiful memento to mark an important life transition, such as a graduation or retirement.
Duality Cuff with Tourmalines and Garnet
Beach Dune Cuff
Duality Cuff with Blues and Greens
Concord River Cuff
Tendril Bangle
Geo Link Bracelet
Hammered Bangle
Inlay Cuff Bracelet- Sterling and 18k
Custom Duality Cuff with Amethyst and Citrines
Petite GEO Link Bracelet, 18k White Gold
Custom Bracelet with Tsavorites and Diamonds
Custom Rose Gold Gem Bracelet
GEO Link Bracelet with Amethyst and Diamonds
GEO Tiles Link Bracelet
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