Q: Can you help me find a diamond that is conflict-free?

A: Fairbank and Perry Goldsmiths enjoys long-standing relationships with a select few diamond and colored gem dealers, all of whom adhere to strict ethical codes in the sourcing of their goods. Our diamond suppliers have provided us with written confirmation of their compliance with the Kimberley Process, a United Nations-mandated program which guards against the entry of conflict diamonds into the legitimate diamond trade. Therefore, we firmly believe that every diamond we make available to our clients for purchase comes from conflict-free sources.

For those clients seeking further reassurance, we offer certified Canadian diamonds of most shapes and sizes. These diamonds are traceable from the mine through all stages of cutting and polishing, until they reach our hands. They are laser inscribed and accompanied by certificates of origin.

Q: Do you do jewelry appraisals?

A: Fairbank and Perry Goldsmiths provides written evaluations upon request for jewelry made by us and sold in our gallery. We do not perform appraisals on jewelry made or purchased elsewhere. We can, however, recommend others who offer this service.


Q: Do you guarantee your work?

A: All of the jewelry we sell, whether made by us or by one of the artists we represent, is guaranteed against defects in materials or craftsmanship. Should an item fail at any time due to a defect in its construction or metal, we will repair or replace it at no charge.

This guarantee does not protect against normal or excessive wear, loss, or abuse. Although well-made fine jewelry can last for years without incident, precious metals do abrade over time, and gemstones–even diamonds–can break.

Jewelry is not maintenance-free. We strongly encourage you to bring in your jewelry at least once a year for a complimentary cleaning and inspection. At that time, we can assess the condition of your jewelry and recommend any repairs before further damage or loss occurs. Repair costs are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Please be aware that some matte finishes, especially those applied to rings, are not permanent and will transform over time into a burnished patina with its own charm. Satin and brushed finishes can be reapplied, but will result in the removal of small amounts of metal each time, and so frequent refinishing is not recommended.


Q: Can you duplicate this item I found on the internet?

A: As designer goldsmiths focused on producing original work, we will not duplicate designs found on the internet or in other stores. Those pieces should be purchased directly from the producer, both to ensure that copyright laws are respected and that the customer gets exactly what he or she wants.

However, we have considered photos and web images brought to us by potential clients as a starting point for the design process. During the design consultation, we discuss with the client specific attributes of the piece that are appealing and can be incorporated into an original design. For instance, we may identify a particular style of stone setting or surface texture that the client desires for the new piece. In this way, a piece of jewelry seen outside of our shop serves to inform the design process rather that direct it.

If the idea of this type of journey intrigues you, we urge you to visit the shop and speak directly to one of us about the many possibilities attainable through custom jewelry design.