Rose-cut Diamond Drop Earrings
Chocolate Sapphire Sticks and Stones Earrings
Cupcake Studs with Oval Boulder Opal
Cupcake Studs with Cinnamon Diamonds
Tanzanite and Diamond Drop Earrings
Rose-cut Tourmaline Drops
Double Leaf Tahitian Pearl Drops
Luna Earrings with Montana Sapphires
Lotus Drop Earrings with Pearl
GEO Double Ellipse Earrings
GEO Triple Ellipse Earrings- oxidized
GEO Triple Ellipse Earrings
GEO Pearl drop Earrings- rose gold
GEO Pearl Drop Earrings- yellow gold
Cupcake Drops with Cabochon Green Tourmalines
Rose Cut Sapphire GEO Studs
Flutter Studs with  Green Tourmaline
Flutter Studs with Blue Tourmaline
Nest Studs- rose gold
Nest Studs- rose gold with diamonds
Nest Studs- yellow gold
Nest Studs- yellow gold with diamonds
Lollipop Drops with Green Tourmalines
Lollipop Drops with Tanzanites
Lollipop Drops with Blue Zircons
Lollipop Drops with Aquamarine
GEO Studs with Diamonds
Geo Hoops
Reeds Earrings with Akoya Pearls
Carnelian Drop Earrings
18k Gold Haymarket Hoops
Textured Arc Earrings with Opals
GEO Drop Earrings with Opals
Half-Moon Labradorite Earrings
Double GEO Studs- oxidized
GEO Mini Gem Drops with Garnets
GEO Mini Gem Drops with Tourmaline
Rose Cut Tourmaline Earrings with Chiseled Dots
GEO Studs with Blue Sapphires
Black Jade Pagoda Drops, medium
Cupcake Studs with Cabochon Amethysts
Turquoise Hinged Earrings
Luna Earrings with Grey Rose-Cut Diamonds
Tricolor Rose-Cut Diamond Earrings
Snow Leopard Drop Earrings
Peacock Earrings
Sticks and Stones Earrings with Opal Doublets
Ruby Slice Earrings
Palladium Rose-cut Amethyst Studs
Reeds Earrings with Blue Sapphires
Black 'n' Gold GEO Studs with Aquamarines
GEO Gem Drop Earrings with Amethyst
GEO Drop Earrings with Tsavorites
Pagoda Drop Earrings with Lapis Spears
Crested Tanzanite Earrings
Rose-Cut Labradorite Studs
Boulder Opal Drops with Tsavorites
Boulder Opal Earrings with Dots and Diamonds
Sterling Silver Luna Earrings with Aquamarines
Luna Earrings with Blue Sapphires
Luna Earrings with Rubies
Sterling Silver Luna Earrings with Spring Green Tourmalines
Rose Cut Drop Earrings with Emerald and Diamond
Lollipop Studs with Ruby
Lollipop Studs with Emeralds
Platinum Diamond Lollipop Studs
Diamond Lollipop Studs
3 Dot Chrysoprase Studs
Lollipop Drop Earrings with Oval Sapphires
Rose Cut Chocolate Sapphire Studs
Boulder Opal Doublet Earrings with Textured Bezels and Diamonds
Lollipop Drop Earrings with Pink Tourmaline and Diamond
Platinum Lollipop Studs with Sapphire and Diamond
GEO Rose-cut Studs with Pink Tourmaline
Reeds Earrings in White Gold with Diamonds
Platinum Diamond and Sapphire Halo Studs
Reeds Earrings with Diamonds
Reeds Earrings with Blue Zircon
GEO Studs with Rose-Cut Amethysts
Small Boulder Opal Studs
Platinum Boulder Opal Earrings with Diamonds
GEO Boulder Opal Studs with Diamonds
Rose-Cut Pyrite Studs in Palladium
GEO Studs with Rose-Cut Pyrite
Diamond Wafer Studs
Long Boulder Opal and Emerald Earrings
Black Jade Long Pagoda Drop Earrings
Moody Blues Opal Earrings
GEO Drop Earrings with Green Tourmalines
Rough Lapis Drop Earrings
GEO Studs with Mismatched Diamonds
Cupcake Studs with "Confetti" Opals
Sticks and Stones Earrings with Moonstones
Stick and Stones Earrings with Lapis, Sapphire and Tsavorite
Sticks and Stones Earrings with Rutilated Quartz
Sticks and Stones Earrings with Rose Cut Garnets
Stick and Stones Earrings with Chrysoprase
Sticks and Stones Earrings with Moonstones Pearl and Rose Zircon
Two-Tanzanite Drop Earrings
Boulder Opal and Tsavorite Earrings
GEO Studs with Purple Sapphires
New Lollipop Drops with Plum Garnets
Yellow Rose-Cut Diamond Studs
Hexagonal Rose-cut Diamond Studs
GEO Gem Studs with Garnets
GEO Gem Studs with Sapphires
GEO Studs with Rose-cut Garnets
Cupcake Drops with Blue-Green Tourmalines and Arcs
Porphyry Earrings
Lollipop Drops with Peach Zircons
Petite Studs with Tsavorite Garnets
Smooth GEO Studs with Tanzanite
GEO Studs with Emeralds
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