Morning Glory Ring with Padparadscha Sapphire
Two-Tone Memory Ring in Greens and Blues
Concord Solitaire with Radiant Yellow Sapphire
Lilac Sapphire Ring
Ice-Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring
Concord Solitaire with Rectangular Aquamarine
Haymarket Solitaire with Montana Sapphire
Bezeled Gem Solitaire with Blue-Green Tourmaline
Concord 3 Stone Ring with Cushion Sapphire
Bezeled Garnets Ring
Bezeled Gem Solitaire with Tangerine Sapphire
Lexington Solitaire with Sapphire
Lincoln Ruby Solitaire
Vine Ring with Blue-green Tourmailne
Unity Ring with Tourmaline and Diamonds
Quintet Ring with Pink Spinel
Tideline Ring with Birthstones
Lyra Ring with Blue Sapphire
Lyra Ring with Teal Tourmailne
Windswept Ring with Purple Garnet
3 Bezel Ring with Blue Tourmaline and Diamonds
Morning Glory Ring with Blue Sapphire
Platinum Morning Glory Ring with Ceylon Sapphire
Lilac Leaf Solitaire with Purple Sapphire
Corona Ring - side view
Leaf Ring with Natural Mint Tourmaline
Three Bezels Ring
Mesa Ring with Mint Tourmaline
Platinum Mesa Ring with Peach Sapphire
Constellation Ring with Oval Sapphire
Custom Constellation Ring with Fancy Sapphires
Constellation Ring with Fancy Sapphires
Family Constellation Ring
Platinum Memory Ring in Greens and Blues
Haymarket Solitaire with Peridot
Haymarket Ring with Radiant Yellow Sapphire
Radiant Topaz Ring
Embrace Ring with Ceylon Sapphire
Arches 3-Stone Ring with Tourmaline and Diamonds
Nest Ring with Sapphires
Duality Wedding Set with Diamond and Emeralds
Trialty Ring with Cognac Diamonds
Mother's Duality Ring with Sapphire, Diamond and Aquamarine
Triality Ring with Rose Topaz
Triality Ring with Yellow Sapphire and Diamonds
Duality Ring with Emerald Cabochon
Twig Ring with Chocolate Sapphire
Garnet Cabochon Stacking Ring
Halo Cocktail Ring with Tanzanite Cabochon
Memory Band with Boulder Opal
Rectangular Opal Ironstone Ring
Concord River Ring with Green Tourmaline Cabochon
Atlas Ring with Large Oval Aquamarine
Large Aquamarine Cabochon Ring
Rhyolite Jasper Ring
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