Multiple Driftwood Bands
Snow Leopard Drop Earrings
Zephyr Pendant with Cushion-shaped Tanzanite
Grey Star Sapphire Ring
Family Constellation Ring
Constellation Ring with Old Mine Cut Diamonds
Desert Ring with Marquis Diamond
Arcs Pendant with Bisbee Chrysocolla
Rutilated Quartz Pendant
Dendritic Quartz Pendant
Two-tone Wheat Wedding Bands
Magical Fairy Ring
GEO Studs with Mismatched Diamonds
Two-tone Haymarket Solitaire
Half-bezel Emerald-cut Diamond Solitaire
Two-Tanzanite Drop Earrings
Nest Ring with Sapphires
Refreshed Peridot Earrings
Quintality Ring with Pink Spinel
Windswept Ring with Diamond and Blue Sapphires
Reeds Pendant with Large Diamond
Flanking Twig Rings with Cognac Diamonds
Juicy Mandarin Garnet Ring
Large Aquamarine Cabochon Ring
Juicy Tourmaline Atlas Ring
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