Large Blue-Green Tourmaline Pendant
Morning Glory Ring with Padparadscha Sapphire
Cherry Twig Ring
Duality Wedding Set with Diamond and Emeralds
Constellation ring with 3 Diamonds
Custom Constellation Ring with Diamonds
Singularity Flanking Diamond Bands
Platinum Desert Eternity Diamond Band
Gold Desert Eternity Diamond Band
Leaf Ring with Natural Mint Tourmaline
Tideline Ring with Birthstones
Stacking Trio of Tanzanite Rings
Duality Cuff with Tanzanites
Smooth GEO Studs with Tanzanite
GEO Studs with Rose-cut Garnets
Turquoise Hinged Earrings
Half-Moon Labradorite Earrings
Custom Family Birthstones Pendant
Peridot Cabochon Pendant
Druzy Butterfly Wing Pendant
Custom Diamond Circle Pendant
Platinum Spinel Pendant
Sonoran Jasper Pendant
Cushion Rutilated Quartz Necklace
Triple Ellipse Spinel Bead Necklace
Flutter Studs with Blue Tourmaline
Flutter Studs with  Green Tourmaline
Nest Studs
Triality Ring with Rose Topaz
Porphyry Earrings
Porphyry Arc Pendant
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