Kingman Turquoise Pendant
White Nest Pendant with Sapphires
Rose Nest Pendant with Diamond
Gold Nest Pendant with Diamonds
Peridot Cabochon Pendant
Platinum Spinel Pendant
Porphyry Arc Pendant
Double GEO Labradorite Pendant
Large Blue-Green Tourmaline Pendant
Flower Pendant with Purple Sapphire
Watermelon Tourmaline Pendant
Luna Pear Pendant with Akoya Pearl
Boulder Opal and Diamond Pendant
Boulder Opal Station Pendant
Boulder Opal Hemisphere Pendant
Rose Cut Garnet Pendants
Boulder Opal "Jellybean" Pendant
Nest Pendant with Tourmalines and Diamond
Double Circle Necklace with Pink Sapphire
Druzy Butterfly Wing Pendant
Sonoran Jasper Pendant
Zephyr Pendant with Cushion-shaped Tanzanite
Custom Diamond Circle Pendant
Double GEO Pendant with rose-cut Tourmalines
Luna Pear Pendant with Emerald
Rose Cut Chocolate Sapphire Pendant
Custom Circle Pendant with Heirloom Gems
Pear Luna Pendant with Blue Sapphire
Large Asymetrical Forged Heart with 0.15 Carat Diamond
Hessonite Garnet Pendant Slide
Small Luna Pendant
Marquis Labradorite and Diamond Pendant
Rose Cut Tanzanite Pendant
Geo Ellipse Pendant with 3 Diamonds
GEO Double Circle Pendant with Emerald
Platinum Lollipop Pendant with Sapphire and Diamond
Sweet Hearts
Lotus Pendants with Pearls
Journeys Family Pendant with Birthsones
Forged Arcs Pendant with Cushion Aquamarine
Geo Cluster Pendant
Mini GEO Pendant with Ruby
Mother's Pendant with Garnet and Opal
Custom Flower Birthstone Pendant
GEO Rose Cut Single Pendants with Tourmalines
GEO Single Circle Pendant with Emerald
Custom GEO Pendant with Tanzanite and Diamonds
GEO Boulder Opal Pendant
GEO Boulder Opal Pendant with Diamond
Cairn Pendant with Opal Doublets
Custom Nest Pendant with Large Diamond
Rectangular Black Jade Pendant
Marquis Black Jade Pendant- reverse side
Custom Pen Pendant with Pink Sapphire
Reeds Pendant with Large Diamond
Marquis Black Jade Pendant
Rectangular Black Jade Pendant, back view
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