Butterfly Pin 5
Triple Ellipse Pin
Nest Pin
Nest Pin with Sapphires
Thistle Pin
Butterfly Pin with Azurite Granite
Butterfly Wing Pins with Boulder Opal
"Ocean" Boulder Opal Brooch
"Revolutionary" Diamond Brooch
Cuprite Heart Pins
 Yes, it's really a gem and not a miniature painting! A black and white version of "common opal", which features fern-like inclusions of manganese, creating a tranquil winter scene. This one makes a truly unique brooch with a freeform shape. 24k bezel, 18k yellow gold elsewhere.  (SOLD- ask us about custom ordering a similar piece!)
Utah Variscite Brooch
Golden Druzy Brooch
Labradorite Haymarket Brooch
Lapis Heart Pin
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