Women's Day Celebration 2019!

Our Women’s Day Sale is here!

Our annual celebration of women’s empowerment starts Friday, March 8th and runs through Saturday, March 16th.  We’re doing it a little differently this year, so read on for details…

Fairbank and Perry Goldsmiths is partnering with I Support the Girls, a nonprofit founded in 2015 to provide to homeless women and girls some of the most basic items women need to live a life of dignity and self-respect:  clean, decent undergarments and new feminine hygiene products.

(Whoa... didn't see that coming, did you?)

Ladies, think about this:  Most of us wear bras nearly every day.  And most women menstruate for approximately 40 years.  Most of us also never have to think about not being able to afford a new bra or underwear when we need it, or to have to choose between a meal and a box of tampons when that time comes. 

These are essential items to womanhood that are hidden from view, and rarely discussed.  Yet, they are the very barest necessities that the females of our species need in order to go confidently out into the world each day.  Women and teenagers who can’t afford them suffer embarrassment, shame, and lower self-confidence, all while facing the already dehumanizing challenges of homelessness.

So, this year we are hosting a drive throughout the month of March for the following items to be donated to I Support the Girls:

  • New or gently used bras (any style and size)

  • New underwear (in packages or with tags attached)

  • Menstrual products (packages of individually wrapped pads or tampons)

"I Support The Girls" in the news

In return, you’ll receive a discount on any piece finished jewelry in our cases, March 8th-16th only! 

  • Donate one item, get 5% off.

  • Donate two items, get 10% off.

  • Donate three items, get 15% off.

  • Donate four items, get 20% off!!

If you donate more than four items, the same process will put you a discount path toward second piece of jewelry (and a third, and a fourth… you get the idea). 

Donations will be accepted throughout the month of March, but the sale is on March 8th-16th only! 

Listen, you know how much our hand-crafted pieces cost.  And we hear from many of you that buying jewelry for yourself feels like a luxury when so many others are hurting for basic necessities.  We get it.  Together we can do real, meaningful good for other women while also doing something special for ourselves. 

With a simple trip to the drugstore or your favorite lingerie department, you could turn a purchase of a new sports bra and maxi pads into hundreds of dollars off the piece of jewelry you love. (And stop waiting for someone else to get the hint!)

Why not do some early graduation or Mother’s Day shopping?  (By the way, men can enjoy the sale, too, and the same donation rules apply.)

Help us help women in a very tangible way this Women’s Day.  And at the same time, affirm your own independence and the right to treat yourself well!

Hope to see you soon!

--The Women Goldsmiths of Fairbank and Perry