We have a new website!

Well, it’s finally happened.  After months of talking about it, listening to constructive feedback from our clients, and making pathetic excuses for not doing it, we have finally launched a spiffy new website.   This one is full of pictures, thanks to our fabulous Nikon DX digital camera, nay, jewelry portrait-taker, and showcases our most current offerings of finished, in-stock jewelry, as well as many of our favorite recent custom pieces.  Phew!

It’s not that we didn’t like the look of the old website.  It had a warmth and texture that we loved, and it was designed by a talented fellow named Eddie.  The problems were…

  1. ... it wasn’t well suited for viewing on mobile devices 
  2. ... it didn’t show enough jewelry other than rings.  (And we make so much more than only rings!) 
  3. … we had to ask Eddie anytime we wanted to make a change or update the galleries. As a result, the old website languished and justifiably felt neglected.

Thankfully, one truth of today’s world is that information technologies are always changing, and in our case, for the better.  Thanks to my husband, Bob, we discovered a DIY site-building platform that even I can use and keep current with a minimum of fuss.  A miracle!  The second miracle is that I have help with the tedious task of tagging images and making the site searchable.  Thank you Selma!

So, welcome to our new, clean, image-packed and easy-to-scroll-while-you-should-be-doing-something-else website!  If you view it on your smartphone, the images are big enough that you can clearly see them under the conference table during a boring meeting, or you can share an image with the person in the row behind you in class without her having to squint and be obvious.  Soon we plan to add notes on the actual dimensions of each piece, so it’s clear what “life-size” is.  But for now, you may just have to call us for details, or come in and try it on!   
One more thing:  As always, we can customize the items you see on the website by changing the metal color or the size, shape and type of gemstones.  If you covet something that’s left the shop and out having a life of its own, tell us and we can begin to design your version.  It’s what we do.

So, I hope you enjoy the new site.  I welcome feedback…really.    Please let me know how we can make it better.   Which questions have we left unanswered?  What features would you like to see added?  I promise, I will consider any reasonable suggestion, as long as it doesn’t involve politics, plagiarism or porn.  (Politics may be up for discussion…)

But for now, I’m going to dust of my workbench and do something I love more than taking pictures of our work… I’m off to make more jewelry! 

Happy Weekend!  

- Geraldine